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As Valentino Garavani beautifully summed it: “Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion, and surprise,” the same thing can be said with the latest Valentino Resort 2018 Runway Collection. Exquisitely beautiful with its divine and dreamy artistry with a focus on romanticism, hiphop and punk, it looks like this Italian fashion house perfectly nailed its Resort 2018 Runway Collection.


Weaving its magic, we couldn’t help but gush and let ourselves be drawn by its theme. The bags on the other hand are another thing for they are exceptionally stunning as well. Take a look at this eccentric bubble gum pink colored purse which screams feminine punk at its finest with its thick diamond quilting paired with stark white-toned rock studs. As you can see, it boasts of a flap top with a flip lock closure for an added sense of security. It also has a top handle and a chained strap for effortless hand, shoulder, and cross body carrying. Lastly, it features a nametag.


Another bag that appealed most to us would be this elegant black shoulder bag with a feathery accent at the topmost part. Made from genuine leather paired with gold-tone hardware, this beauty of a bag is a perfect day-to-evening companion. It features a chained shoulder strap for easy hand, shoulder, and cross-body carrying.








































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Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

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Gucci Resort 2017 Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 features a collection of Punk, Victoria, the most extraordinary eccentrics. This is a collection for young men as well as women, each of them is dense with detail, ornament, and references to art, interior, and layers of stacked archaeologies of culture. Gucci Resort 2017 also presents a collection that probably got hits in the mid-90s that is spice Girl Monster boots and sweaters Union Jack. There is a skirt/short skirt, gracefully and punk, and it’s not even the beginning of an inventory of the items on Show. Here is a collection of Gucci Resort 2017.

Gucci Resort 2017 Coat Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Blue Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Women Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Pink Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Men Jacket Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Men Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

Gucci Resort 2017 Dress Collection Gucci Resort 2017 New Collection

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Preserving its iconic modern allure, the latest Fendi resort 2016 collectionmanages to combine some of the coolest trends we have seen during the recent fashion shows of the Italian luxury fashion house. Among such amazing trends we should mention the lush floral patterns, the new interpretations of denim and, of course, leather, which stands out with its strict geometric designs. Still, it’s the iconic bird of paradise that continues to be the main motif used throughout the collection, giving a touch of exotic and tropical air to the fabulous looks. We saw this motif during the Fendi fall 2015 fashion show, when colorful bird of paradise details were used as interesting embellishments for the Fendi bags, and now they turn into romantic patterns adorning some of those ladylike dresses coming in both long and short lengths.

Fendi Resort 2016 Collection

It’s definitely the architectural look of the flower that caught the attention of Karl Lagerfeld, who is a big fan of geometry when it comes to Fendi designs. The flower has interesting sharp points and edges, which still look so delicate when imprinted on a flowing strappy maxi dress coming in a white color, or on the tea-length full-skirted yellow dress with white collars used to give a schoolgirl modesty to the overall look. It’s also the main motif used for the color-blocked sharp leather coat, giving an abstract look to its already futuristic design. A couple of skirts, jackets and coats use the same motifs put in different color shades, and each time looking absolutely pretty.

We still do see Lagerfeld’s favorite geometric patterns in the collection, particularly stripes in different shades or color-blocked patchwork worked out so meticulously to look like one whole piece of material painted in different shades. It’s here that we discover the mind-blowing textural plays, when leather is used as patchwork for a denim piece, or silk is worked out the way to look like authentic denim or shearling. You can never say what fabric has been used for that Fendi piece until you touch it and that’s what makes the brand always stand out with its futuristic concepts in designs and fabric technologies.

Creativity doesn’t stop here, as we also discover absolutely insane lightbulb motifs in shearling decorating a black sweater and a black leather backpack that we are sure to spot a lot in the streets during the upcoming fashion shows. A khaki sweatshirt features the word “Fendi” again in shearling, while we also see looks that solely focus on the structure and interesting color palette comprising lots of khakis, ochres, yellows, caramels, blacks and some touches of pastel hues. Those perfectly tailored high-waist shorts are the best pieces to wear to work, to street or to cocktail parties, while we also love the polished culottes adding a retro touch to the overall modern scene.

Fendi Resort 2016 Collection

Fendi Resort 2016 Collection

Fendi Resort 2016 Collection

Equally amazing is the accessory line of the Fendi resort 2016 collection, and while we miss the famous Karlito here that has become the fashion crowd’s favorite charm, we still see cute fur monsters available in different shades and mostly in big sizes in order not to go by unnoticed. Add bird of paradise inspired heeled sandals and statement-making handbags to the looks and you have one stunning collection of trend-setting goodies you’d like to wear day in and day out!

Fendi Resort 2016 Collection

Fendi Resort 2016 Collection

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The Christian Dior resort 2016 collection has officially been revealed! There is something about the Dior fashion house that always seems to appeal to us and Raf Simons made sure that once again the label would not disappoint. As we begin planning cruises and resort vacations for about 6-8 months later from now, we will definitely be turning towards Dior for some grand inspirations. Nothing beats seeing incredibly beautiful models walk through a plane-like structure and onto the open runway, particularly on such a sunny day as this; and oh how lovely the frothy and uniquely designed pieces paraded on the runway were but a few hours ago.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection The show was set in the Le Palais Bulles, literally a makeshift palace of terra-cotta bubbles set into a cliff between Cannes and Monaco. We saw airplane cabins when originally spotting the place, but we know it can also be construed as a Flintstone style condo that is meant for a caveman’s luxurious needs. Pierre Cardin has acquired the property and Dior’s cruise/resort collection looked pretty awesome from that point of view. Did you know that Cardin himself was sitting in the front seats, not looking a day older than 85, despite his 92 year old true age? It is sad to see so many of the top designers well into their senior years, even if they keep busy and still dominate the world of fashion.

The air about the Dior resort 2016 collection setting was just as lovely as the place itself, with Simons calling it “playful, sweet… childish, almost.” He had fallen in love with the venue about 5 years ago and finally had the chance to show off his creative ingenuity in the house that he describes as being big and intimate but without the behaviour of authority. “And Dior can do that sometimes, especially if you look at it from an architectural point of view.”

But what was it that made the collection itself so captivating? The Bar jacket has been pushed aside and the Bar silhouette brought to the forefront, with its full sleeves and nipped waist. This was paired with taffeta shorts, while the pantsuits were toned down to size with flip flops. Low heeled and pointed versions of shoes appeared all over, while the iconic Dior femme fleur was seen shimmering all about with its crystal construction. The checked neo-Bar suits were incredible to behold, while the smocks and the rompers appealed to our vacation loving senses greatly.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

The architectural design of the house certainly influenced the line-up itself, the idea of curves in a sea of boxy homes translating into some unique pieces that would stand out from among all the rest of the resort collections this year. Just as he found the architecture to be young, feminine and playful, so do we find Simons’ creations newly showcased in the exceptionally alluring home in the south of France. Between kilts and gingham shorts, sculpted jackets with pleated, peplum waists and sleek tennis dresses or cropped sailor pants combined with Lurex striped tops, this was most certainly a collection we fell in love with over and over again.

“We tried to make it very, very light, and much younger, and therefore also more futurist and modernist,” stated the mastermind behind the Dior line of late and we simply could not agree more with this spot-on assessment.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

Christian Dior Resort 2016 Collection

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Vacations are being planned and those incredible resorts are being researched as we contemplate the best new destination to strut our stuff in, enjoy a few hours a day on the beach and discover all the exotic attractions that our time off from work affords us. We are definitely looking forward to lining our resort wardrobes with the latest in Chanel Seoul resort 2016 collection pieces, particularly those in the house’s signature tweed. Karl Lagerfeld showed off the latest in the cruise-perfect line-ups in Seoul. It appears as if the Korean traditions have done much to incur inspirations for designs that would do the label justice while making perfect sense for your summer vacation. There were so many colors and a whole shebang in sugar rushes making this rather sweet concoction one of the best Chanel’s produced this year. All the cravings one may have would have been satisfied with this kaleidoscope of candy treats turned into garment designs.

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Lagerfeld took on the business perspective as Chanel is wont to do. The audience itself was stylish, to say the least, and the perfect customers for the fun meets trendy, professional meets flirty pieces that were walked down that runway

“I have no idea of any kind of practical life,” Lagerfeld tried to explain, “declaring that the extent of his household activity was opening the fridge door,” states Somehow, though, we have to agree with the website’s observation that there was quite a bit of practicality in the collection itself, from the leather stocking style boots to the little jackets with the half belts high on the back.
The Chanel Seoul resort 2016 collection had a whole lot of quirky as well! From the Mary Janes worn with socks to the stacked accessories, the maximalist feel was strong and went well with the candy factory style setting that matched the colourful designs brought forth. The box shaped handbag in fluoro pink will certainly be one of those highly coveted pieces from this particular collection! And if you were thinking about doing your hair like that spotted on the set, we suggest watching Star Wars and checking out Princess Leia with her buns and braids piled high onto her head. Just make sure that the fake additions class with the natural hair color for an even more of a glamorous appeal according to Chanel.

Perhaps one of the best bits from the show was the use of Korean culture within the collection. This included that Leia-esque hair, but also the traditional dress turned modern Chanel that was so very pretty and quite suitable for the lady who enjoys a touch of Asian with her French label. The hanboks were turned into sweetly delicious baby doll like pieces that the audience fawned over and that which brings a whole new direction to the fashion house. Now we wonder if Chanel will decide to emulate local cultures in other exotic or simply lesser known places. Perhaps they will take a chapter from Kim Kardashian’s book and revive the olden traditions lost in time, showing off the Armenian dress just as Dolce & Gabbana had done of late?

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Everyone from Kristen Stewart to Isabelle Huppert were taking up the front row seats, with 12 guests alone seen sporting the piece Gisele Bundchen had worn in the spring 2015 show. Gisele Bundchen herself showed up to the show, flying over to Korea and once again having us wonder if she is fully retired yet. We are more than sure that Coco Chanel herself would have been very proud of Lagerfeld’s accomplishments as his designs are worn by many of the top professionals in the world soon after their release in the markets.

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

Chanel Seoul Resort 2016 Collection

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