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Sophia Webster knows the way to our hearts by making irresistibly gorgeous bags and these Mini Claudie Pom Pom Bags are no exception! Oh, if we could just own all these bags we’ll surely be floating in bag heaven any time soon.

There are 7 Sophia Webster Claudie Pom Pom Bags that you can choose from but this one in Orchid bouquet leather finished with gold chain and flamingo fastening made our hearts skip a beat. It’s more like love at first sight and why not? It’s too lovely not to notice.

A flirty bag that will definitely add that punch of panache to your everyday casual ensemble, what more can you ask for? Seriously? With its lovely feminine orchid color, this one will surely brighten your outfit.

We love the two flamingos in the middle and the golden chain shoulder straps that make it all the more captivating in our eyes! Beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder because this bag sure knows how to handle itself confidently.










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The Best Bags You Can Buy For $1,500 from 20 Premier Designer Brands Right Now

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When we spoke to James in March, she shared with us the Hermes Contour Birkin Bag. We are all familiar with the Birkin Bag, but the Contour Collection is a new line released in the Fall Winter 2016 Collection.

But what is the Contour Birkin without the Contour Kelly? It’s like Kelly Bag without the Kelly Lock, it’s like the Constance Bag missing the ‘H’ logo. To complete the collection, you need to Birkin as well as the Kelly.

So after a few months of waiting, the SA finally called James that the Contour Kelly Bag has arrived in store. Obviously, this bag is a ‘must have’ and now James is going to share the details with us including images:

The size of this Kelly Bag is 32, the color is indigo with red resin and the price $     CAD + Tax. The Birkin as well as the Kelly bag makes a good investment because both bags are iconic and they will only increase in price over the years. James, this bag is stunning and congrats with your new purchase!




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One Big Happy Family: Check Out Our PurseForum Members’ Epic Chanel Family Bag Portraits

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Thom Browne Mrs. Thom Mini Tote

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Thom Browne's bags are usually very traditional and formal, but this miniaturization of his most popular women's design gives the look just a bit of casualness.


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Mysterious Alexander McQueen Bleeding Stained Glass De Manta Clutch Bag

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Alexander McQueen Bleeding Stained Glass De Manta Clutch

When Alexander McQueen does a new print, I always get super excited! Why? Because this designer creates some of the most gorgeous and captivating prints I have ever come across. Alexander McQueen isn’t just about skulls anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love the skulls. But this designer has so much more to offer. Gothic-inspired, colorful, and totally unique… what isn’t to like? That is why I am loving this latest take on the iconic De Manta Clutch. Introducing the Alexander McQueen Bleeding Stained Glass De Manta Clutch!

Yes, you heard right. The print on this lovely clutch looks like the stained glass you would find in a cathedral. It is dark, yet still quite colorful. It looks like you are inside looking at the sunlight shining through the glass. The print really is breathtaking and, in a way, almost enchanting. I love the rich colors too, they are perfect for the upcoming fall season! This clutch would look great paired with your favorite little black dress or any other sophisticated ensemble. Plus it is satin fabric, so it is more affordable than the leather versions of this style. Not a bad way to add a little Alexander McQueen to your look!

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